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Why I Wrote Oddity

Some of the Pitch Wars mentees suggested a round of posts about why we wrote the manuscripts we’re pitching. So, why did I write my MG Sci-Fi manuscript, ODDITY?

Oh gosh, why didn’t I?

First of all, I love stories that are creepy, but still have heart and a sense of humor. I’m an avid fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, and was lucky enough to attend one of their live shows. I also enjoy crazy middle grade stories, like M.T. Anderson’s WHALES ON STILTS, and Adam Rex’s THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY. With ODDITY, my goal is to take you on an adventure in a town so weird you can’t look away, and so beautiful that you wish you lived there. If I manage to make you laugh out loud? So much the better.

I also tend to write about large, noisy families– both blood relatives and families of choice. I’ve relocated many, many times in my life, and know firsthand how vital such communities are. Ada, my main character, is narrating the story to her missing twin sister, and her family is struggling to come to terms with their loss. Ada’s diverse network of extended family and friends is the net that breaks her fall.

Then there are the weird reasons that only make sense to me– like the grocery store with a big, dark conveyor belt that freaked me out as a kid, or my infatuation with creepy little rabbits in pajamas, or my general love of shenanigans.

I think I delivered a fun, creepy adventure readers will love! I’m so grateful to Cat Scully for picking me and Phil Hickes for #TeamScully

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